Festival Outfitter

a multi-tier camping solution that meets all your festival needs

guests reserve online,then their gear is set upand waiting for themto arrive

we reduce waste bydonating unwanted gearto homeless sheltersand refugee camps

We are in our third year of working with Festival Outfitter. Basecamp, along with their other offerings, has been an ENORMOUS success and we continue to expand every year. As the camping festival climate evolves towards the demand for more experience-enhancing and convenience-based services, this amenity has risen to the challenge, creating return clients year after year, as well as providing a significant ancillary revenue stream.Skye McDonald, Northwest String Summit


Tier 1

Our most accessibly priced option is a waterproof cardboard tent designed in Amsterdam. It can easily be custom branded and is recyclable. This mitigates problems associated with abandoned gear left behind.

Grand Tour

Tier 2

Our midrange offering utilizes camping gear from high quality equipment manufacturers such as Eureka, Mountainsmith, and Big Agnes. This is tailored to hit the sweet spot between price and comfort.


Tier 3

Our most luxury-oriented option, utilizing canvas tents, yurts, and tipis, to provide the ultimate in festival camping experiences. Our manufacturer and brand partners help us ensure a comfortable hotel-like stay.

Camping is one of the most important factors in the the festival experience.Our turnkey program makes camping more convenient for patrons, with minimal effort from organizers.