Festival Outfitter

convenience retail with all the essentials, elevated

custom tailored and branded with your festival's logo

nesting large scale ice sales and sourcing within this setting

Festival Outfitter handles inventory management and procurement of over 1500 SKUs to ensure broad product availability to improve the festival experience. Stores incorporate snacks, health & beauty, kitchen & grill, camping equipment, and much more. Our elevated aesthetic and professional team create a faithful representation of your event's values.

We implement comprehensive ice sales and supply chain management, including procurement, transport, cold storage, and distribution throughout the event site for FOH and BOH needs. The large volume of ice sourced across our portfolio of events generates an economy of scale, and translates to more attractive dealpoints for promoters, reducing pain points associated with managing an ice program internally.

No More Headaches

No longer spend your time managing multiple relationships with service providers. Reduced complexity results in increased productivity and less waste of your most valuable resource—time!

Stunning Environments Branded For You

With an elevated aesthetic, take comfort that the retail experience is aligned with your unique festival sensibility. From the attendee perspective, it's truly your store, and a beautiful one at that!

One-Stop Shop

Because it's branded and everything patrons need, it's so much more than a standard vendor relationship. As a gathering point and a landmark, it's an extension of your event, with information, great customer service, and friendly faces 24/7.

Beautiful Merchandising

Simply put, our stores look the best. Our teams include merchandisers & design-oriented finish carpenters, who emphasize reclaimed materials to create engaging, rustic environments. Custom countertops, slick displays & lighting, and more.

Wide Range of Inventory

With over 1500 SKUs, we stock everything from snacks & drinks, to health & beauty, to kitchen/grill & camping gear. No longer worry about excess unsold products. Patrons enjoy lower prices and near 100% inventory reliability.

Ice Sourcing

In addition to selling ice for festivals, we're also equipped to handle procurement as well. We are partnered with ice distributors nationwide, and often have access to more competitive pricing than is publicly available.